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Special K's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Special K

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in my study hall....boring!!!! [15 Apr 2002|07:43am]
well i haven't been writing in this for a long time so this is a well needed update!! on friday tarah, jared, tariq, and me went to the movies to see van wilder but guess what it was sold out and i was pissed cuz i really had my heart set on a funny movie but it was all good cuz then we saw the sweetest thing and it was sooo funny !!!! tariq said at this one part i was laughing so loud and no one else was even laughing!!!!! that's me for ya and it makes it even funnier when tarah is sitting next to me cuz then she makes it sooo much more fun-lol then on saturday i just sat around in the morning then we all went to the annual carnival at hall rd.-it was kinda cool cuz we got a big group to go...it was tarah, lisa, rachel,michelle, heidi and jason and tariq and me!!!!!!! we all had some fun before we went there but it would of been more fun if it wasn't so damn cold outside and i had money to get some tickets to go on the rides!!!! but it was fun anyways cuz i was with my sweetie and my friends!!!! then on sunday i went to dinner with tariq then he came over and i helped him write a 2 page paper for his class and then we e-mailed it to this girl in his group-it was fun helping him write it even though we kept getting distracted but my mom was like ok you help him write his papers and you don't even do your own-opps!!!!!! oh well it was for a good cause-LOVE!!!!! then today in my speech class we had to get up in front of the class and act out these attitudes or give on the spot speeches and tara b had to do this one and it was so funny cuz she put 2+2=2 and we were all guessing like dumb, stupid, moron... it was so funny but she meant to put 2+2=4-lol ya i know math is not really my subject either (hahaha) okie well this sucks cuz there is nothing to do right now so i'm gunna go~ buh bye
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april fools [02 Apr 2002|01:13am]
man today was a funny day!!! let's just say me and tarah had some fun with sears and it ended up being kinda bad and a big mistake opps, well will we ever learn from this??? i think not!!!! but now everything is cool and back to normal so it's all good-but the sad thing was we actually forgot today was april fools-man this is the dumbest day of the whole year let me tell you and it almost cost me a relationship so i think i learned my lesson-lol
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take this quiz okay... [16 Mar 2002|04:27pm]

What's Your Style? Find out @ She's Crafty
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what the hell... [22 Feb 2002|08:48am]
i don't know why i just put that but anyways...today after school will be very action packed and fun filled. 1st tarah and me are going to go tanning then go back to her house to visit with her mom cuz she is coming home from texas, then we are off to go get our nails done and then get the brows waxed so they look sexy!!!!! then tonight we are going to see the britney movie crossroads cuz tarah wants to see it and cuz there is nothing else really to do around here but go to the movies, but then next weekend will be cool cuz 40 days and 40 nights comes out with josh hartnet!!!! he is such a cutie. oh and speaking of being cute i would just like to say that the fetus can kiss my fucking ass!!!! there is no way in hell that she will ever be cuter than me and about the whole weight thing it is getting really old and ohhhh wow you have a boyfriend!!! you want a cookie, ya i have a boy too and he is 10 times better than ur pathetic 15 yr old b/f, so tara please stop talking about me on here and u are the one that seriously needs to grow up!!!!!!
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study hall [19 Feb 2002|09:12am]
ok now that i have more time to type i guess i will take advantage...yesterday was a very fun day i woke up around 10 then called tarah then got in the shower then t$ came over to get me then we chilled at his house almost all day!!!! i told him that i am sick and will probably get him sick too but he said it's worth it!!!! he is such a cutie-i love him so much. then when i was online at his house i was reading livejournal and i was soooo happy to see that the fetus is back again with her fucked up little game of having her friends come and comment to me and all my friends, but for real i love how the only thing they can ever think to make fun of us for is our weight which lucky for us we can lose whenever we want but too bad for tara she is fat too and her face will never change so sucks to be a ugly fucking fetus with no real friends, or she can just keep telling herself they are her friends when she knows she will never have any "real" friends!!!!!! and i love how this was all over and now tara has to start this shit all over again, god tara you even had ur mom come on here and make an ass of herself by telling us to stop harrassing you and we did all stop but look who had to start all the shit over again... dammit tara get a fucking life and tell ur pot-head friends to do the same okie thanks
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in school [19 Feb 2002|09:08am]
school sucks
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church [10 Feb 2002|11:17am]
i went to church this morning with my dad and if a bit we are going to go visit my grandma at the hospital cuz she is sick and we need to go visit her!!! then later we gotta go party for my sis's b-day...lots of fun for me, i hope i get to see tariq today cuz i promised him i would go up to the mall to visit him!! and i gotta visit tarah too..i can't wait to get those pictures back of us from the mall and at logans!!
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i'm soooooo in love [10 Feb 2002|01:29am]
i went to the mall today to get my sis a present for her b-day cuz it is tomorrow and then hung out with tariq at the mall and got myself some new things cuz u know me i always gotta shop...my downfall,then after work we all went to logans and had some food!!!the bread there is sooooooo good i love it~but for real i'm in love with tariq so much it's not even funny!!! he is the cutest guy ever and i love him more than anyone else !!!!!
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today was a good day (dr. dre) [09 Feb 2002|01:03am]
well today at school we took the hardest test ever in general business and i think i failed it but oh well what u going to do??? after school was fun cuz me and tarah went to tariq's house to give him a little visit then we had a mission...to go get jessica up from state, we wanted tariq to go with but he doesn't like jessica anymore so he was like call me when u get back so then we just had the classic movie night just like old times, we watched baby boy...it was pretty good except for all the sex scenes and it was kinda awkward sometimes (don't know y that would be for me)then i had tariq drive me home at like 12:35 and then i knew this would happen...my dumb mom had to call to tarah's house and my mom makes me so mad cuz i hate the way she gets my friend's to tell her the truth (basically weasles them) then luckly my partner in crime called me on the cellie and told me she called so then me and t-money had to go home right away and i was so mad cuz we wanted to make-out!!! but oh well i'll hit that up another night~lol hey thanks tarah for havin my back on that one, cuz it saved me from another fight with my mom!!!
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[04 Feb 2002|12:45pm]
visiting grandma at the hospital. I LOVE TARIQ!!!!!!!!
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i'm in love!! [03 Feb 2002|05:02pm]
i love tariq so much!!! he is soo cute and he makes me smile...i wish i could be with him like every second, i know i always fall in love really fast but i have known him for like a year and half and we have been seeing each other for like a month now!!! i just had to tell the world about my new love, thanks!!!!!
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no more updates for me [03 Feb 2002|10:10am]
due to the fact my sister is a bitch and she told my mom about live journal they both went online and read all my past entries (which thankfully aren't that bad) but still, i hate how my sis thinks she is sooo cool by trying to get me in trouble!!!!! so you can all thank her for this and plus i decided some things in my life don't need to be read by everyone!!!!!! so talk to you later~kristin
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~~~~~~~~~ [31 Jan 2002|06:52pm]
i love lisa jackson for life-stay tru (like tone's tatoo)lol
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no school [31 Jan 2002|01:51pm]
thank god today there was no school cuz i was so tired and really needed a day to just stay home and sleep in, and because i didn't do my speech last night so i wasn't even ready for it if we had school today anyways!!!!!! well last night was a very eventful one again...never a dulll moment with me but i don't feel like typing the whole story on here so if ya wanna know you can ask me at a later time!!!!!! ok i'm going to go now byeeeeeee
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thank god i'm back [26 Jan 2002|06:37pm]
well this weekend has been interesting!!! the whole hotel experience was ok but i could not make it there all weekend with my parents and sis so i came back home with tarah after we went to northwood for our 3rd visit!!! well it was tarah's 2nd but i'm so excited about college now it's not even funny!!! we are going to have the coolest room you have ever seen!!!!! and the best part no more parents!!! speaking of which, my mom is so dumb-i hate being grounded for the dumbest reasons,but what the hell are you going to do...i have realized that once my mom gets a idea in her head she is going to stick with it!!!! oh an this kid that lisa's boy is friends with keeps calling me so much!!! he called me like 8 times today starting at 10:30 this morning but i called him back before to get him off my back and he told me that he went to jail last night!!!! i was like ya i know the feeling-lol but let's not bring that one up...hey tarah we still gotta hit up jason's car!! don't forget about this one, it will happen one day-i love tariq so much, he called me like 10 mins ago and he is so sweet, he was like are u still up north and i was like nope i'm home but i can't do anything cuz i'm grounded and he was like damn i miss not seeing you everyday!!! i was like omg ur the cutest thing ever!!!! ok sorry to bore you with all my mushy details but i love the feeling of being in love since i haven't felt that in a long time, cuz giles was the biggest mistake ever!!!! oh and one more thing...tara b, thanks for the complement on my boobs, i'm glad you know that mine are big and u have nothing!!!!!
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i love mr.slagel!!!!!!! [23 Jan 2002|03:59pm]
today was long day for school!!!! i thought it would never end-but i was sneeking and missed chapel and called tariq cuz i missed him and wanted to see what he did last night..god he is so cute!!! i'm kinda excited cuz tomorrow i get to meet the famous tone tone!!!! i hope he is a cutie lisa!!!! i only wanna be friends even if he is cute cuz my heart is all about tariq now~~~~~
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[21 Jan 2002|12:16pm]
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[20 Jan 2002|02:35am]
this is for tara's fucking loser pot-head friends...drop me a message cuz clearly if you talk to the fetus then you are cool!!! it's ok tara, thanks for giving out my name to all ur friends-i will like to read what the fuck heads have to say to me!!!
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[20 Jan 2002|02:17am]

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?
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i got my period [16 Jan 2002|04:31pm]
i really hate having my period cuz it makes me soo sleepy and i have cramps-which really sucks!!!!! well at least now i really now God is trying to tell me not to have sex with giles...he made me get my period!!!! but it's not like i was ever going to anyway cuz he is the biggest, stupidest,faggot i have ever met!!!!! well that was all i had to say-oh and today when me and tarah went tanning guess who was there...Ron!!!!!!! he is so nice and actually remembered our names, i was impressed, but hello how could you forget me and tarah!!!!!!
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